In the rear with the gear

We’re operational?

That’s good I suppose. Big thanks to Shuba for setting up the Blog, hope to fill it with revolutionary ideas in the time to come.

I really like this and will try provide content updates on my software projects, gaming ideas as well as some art I can provide. To start things off I’ll simply state that I’m in the home stretch of my Bachelors of Applied Science and Engineering, a.k.a. Software Systems Engineering. I should be done by spring next year and tuned for a life of code and development. In the mean time I’ll post code snippets regarding my assignments and links to stuff I have done to help out current/future students. On top of that I’m an avid Paintball player and casual gamer playing Starcraft 2, Minecraft, Fallout 3 and numerous other games at the moment. I play for my universities CSL team for SC2 but we’ve yet to play a game 🙂

Oh, almost forgot, here’s a small in-browser, java based Battleship game that I constructed with a partner in a software class last year. It’s hosted on her website. Hope you enjoy.

-Capn out

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Software Systems Engineering Graduate working in Operational Support Systems hardware/software and network fault monitoring/provisioning. I have spent the last 5 years or so working on coding projects ranging from games, to utilities to phone apps to almost anything you can imagine.