Who is your hero? Part II

“Challenge something that is way beyond your abilities.”
A quote from one of my favourite mangaka, Takehiko Inoue. He is probably known best for his basketball comics, but has also spent around the last twelve years drawing the hugely popular Vagabond series. It’s a fictionalized telling of the life of legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. The series is due to wrap up in about a year, but with big projects there are often delays.

To me, Takehiko represents someone who has dedicated his life to drawing. Despite being one of the world’s best, he still struggles with constant deadlines, all-nighters, and getting his characters to act the way they should when he puts them down on paper. According to him, the quality of his work depends on the “purity of his soul” when he sits down to draw; he is most successful when his mind is relaxed and able to express itself clearly. His art is both inspiring and entertaining.