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My mind is fried. Seriously. It is so far up my own ass at this moment that I think I need to step back and discuss something a little more light hearted than coding. Surely if you follow SC2 pro gaming in the least you heard about Huk doing an extraordinary rush against Select at MLG in Washington D.C. (I’ll apologise for the video’s voice-over. I linked the video with my sound off). I mean, it sort of is the latest little meme surrounding the scene right now. What you may not be familiar with is how it is being perceived by the fans and other players. I personally want to touch on what Idra has said in response, “It was absolutely idiotic.” And I agree with him.

I mean, Idra is sort of infamous already for his “trollish” attitude towards other players and we’ve all come to terms with it by now. But this comment of his sparked a minor debate between me and other individuals over at Reddit. So why do I agree with him?

Gimmicky/flashy play is not interesting to watch in a competitive environment. It certainly has its place but Huk essentially threw the game with that tech build. Why is it entertaining to observe someone, in all intents and purposes, give up? Sure, there was an off chance that the Mothership pulled through and swung the game in his favour but what were the chances? Incredibly low if you can assume that Select wasn’t going to do something equally stupid.

I equate the scenario to a professional sports team marching onto the field and doing a dance while one player attempts to sneak the puck/ball behind the other team’s defence. Sure, if you manage to completely stun the opponent the strategy might work, but there’s a very slim chance of that occurring.

His choice to go so far off the groomed path didn’t provide any form of innovation to the competitive scene. People speak of the event now as if it was revolutionary; something that changed the way professionals will view the match-up in games to come. Will it? Fuck no! This will be a softly spoken event in a month’s time only being revisited for a short period when they match up against each other again later.

Like I said previously, I took part in a debate on Reddit regarding this topic and seemed to be on the minority. What do you think?

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