The Passion For Strategy

Something clicks when I think about starcraft strategies.

Thinking of different methods, builds, ideas actually takes a lot of energy. You don’t even notice how much energy it takes because thinking about it and figuring things out is something we enjoy. But we can apply the same energy in other methods…

It clicks when I’m so involved in thought, and I just think “dam, I shouldn’t be thinking this hard about a computer game… I should be spending this energy thinking about how to *blank*”.

Swap in *blank* for something that is real world applicable and constructive. I’m talkin’ BUSINESS, real world economy, and bank rolls. You spend endless amounts of energy to counter roaches in mutas, and when you do, you crush hard and feel good. but that’s it. Making money is 95 percent mental. So if you devise a business plan, strategy, and execute, you get money. So then I gotta ask myself what is a better game, starcraft or RL business? And I think it is RL business because of the changes you see, skills you develop, and people you affect.

But we weren’t raised or taught to think about solving problems in RL and profiting. So it’s not natural to us. I believe it is natural and we have unlearnt it. We are taught to be factory workers, take orders, and enjoy ourselves elsewhere.

Since the age of 8 we have had that passionate side of us that enjoys using our superior mental capabilities for rewards… wasted on video games that bring nothing on the side of enjoyment.

The idea that you could have enjoyment, mental engagement, and money from the same activity is absolutely possible. But we were systematically taught this was unattainable, not for us, or crazy.