2011 We Going Hard

The beauty of the internet is really starting to flourish. Seems like you can have any interest and have a full blown community around it. If it isn’t there you can create it. The good shit rises to the top and the bad stuff sinks. No bullshit sponsorships anymore. The people have the voice and are the true gatekeepers. The big companies will struggle to survive if they don’t evolve.

The niches grow smaller, more refined, and rich. the creativity is rewarded. feedback is instant. It’s different, and good. The communities that support. The music just sounds so fuckin’ good nowadays. It’s a direct result of smaller artists making new waves, getting direct feedback, and collaborations. It evolves so quickly.

Advertising is the name of the game, and all the eye balls are going online. They will see the value in it.

Pick your niche and go hard.