Introductions, get em over with!

My name is Clayton Kashuba, nicknamed Shuba.

What you will hear from me is rants on philosophy and life, outlooks, rants on people. I mostly try to keep it positive, but I may explode.

My goals in life are simple. make a lot of money, maintain good relationships, maintain high spirits, maintain development of skills and learning. physical fitness!

The thing I noticed about life is that we literally choose what kind of world we live in. We can choose to be a victim and live in a harsh world, we can choose to be afraid and live in a dangerous world, we can choose to be happy and live in a fun world, we can choose to be responsible and live in a world we create everyday.

Our rewards in life will be directly related to our contributions.

That is the world to be lived in.

In the rear with the gear

We’re operational?

That’s good I suppose. Big thanks to Shuba for setting up the Blog, hope to fill it with revolutionary ideas in the time to come.

I really like this and will try provide content updates on my software projects, gaming ideas as well as some art I can provide. To start things off I’ll simply state that I’m in the home stretch of my Bachelors of Applied Science and Engineering, a.k.a. Software Systems Engineering. I should be done by spring next year and tuned for a life of code and development. In the mean time I’ll post code snippets regarding my assignments and links to stuff I have done to help out current/future students. On top of that I’m an avid Paintball player and casual gamer playing Starcraft 2, Minecraft, Fallout 3 and numerous other games at the moment. I play for my universities CSL team for SC2 but we’ve yet to play a game 🙂

Oh, almost forgot, here’s a small in-browser, java based Battleship game that I constructed with a partner in a software class last year. It’s hosted on her website. Hope you enjoy.

-Capn out